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The Motherland Calls is a giant concrete statue
on the hill of Mamayev Kurgan in Volgograd
(former Stalingrad), Russia. It is a magnificent
statue of a woman holding a large sword in her
right hand and commemorates Russia\'s
victory over the Nazi invasion during World
War II. When it was erected in 1967 it was the
tallest statue in the world and is still one of the
biggest today. It measures 85 metres from the
top of the base to the tip of the sword and
weighs almost 8000 tons. The statue is part of
a huge memorial site of Mamayev Kurgan,
which was built to honour the millions of
Russians who died for their country. It is a

well-loved monument and one of the Seven
Wonders of Russia.​
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The Motherland Calls is a gigant statue in Volgograd, Russia. It's a statue of woman holding a sword and commemorates Russia's victory during WW II. This statue is still one of the biggest statue in the world, because it measures 85 metres. Weight of the Motherland Calls is 8000 tons. It is part of a memorial site, which was built to honour the Russians, who died in WW II. The statue is one of the seven Wonders of Russia.

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