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1. If the wind doesn't stop, we won't be able to walk by the sea.

2. Unless you work more , you won't pass your exam.

3. If people go on eating so much junk food , they will have serious health problems.

4. If it is on at the cinema , I will go and see the new Indiana Jones film!

5. You will get a burn out if you keep on working so hard!!!

6. I will let you play video games if you help me with the housework first.

7. We will take a taxi to the airport if we don't catch the shuttle in time.

8. As long as you are motivated and work seriously , you will manage to get the job you want.

9. Will they visit their grandparents if they have the time?

10. Polar bears will disappear if governments don't take measures to stop global warming.

11. And the same will happen to elephants if poaching for ivory isn't stopped.

12. I will give you my address if you want to send me a postcard when you are on holidays.

13. My neighbour will surely have an accident if he keeps on driving so fast.

14. Unless we run, we don't catch our bus!!

15. When we travel to New York , we will visit all the main places of interest there!!

16. If you brush your teeth three times a day , you will have cavities.

17. If the play is a success they will start a big tour in the whole country.

18. If my husband doesn't mow the lawn , I will have to do it myself!

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