эссе на тему \"Shoud we colonies space?\" (120-150 words)
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Day by day, Earth’s population is getting larger, resources are becoming scarcer, and the thought of colonizing space has come to mind. However, is this such as good idea? Billions of dollars will need to make this one of a kind expedition, and willing volunteers will be needed. However, who will dare to go on an adventure like this? How will we do it? If we make the trip, will the money be worth it? Furthermore, should we even make this voyage to space? Personally, I think the trip to space is not worth it. We’ve destroyed Earth beyond our imaginations could ever take us, and taken this world although it’s not rightfully ours. If we colonize space, we will only do what we’ve done to Earth: eradicate it like we have done to Earth.…show more content…

And with them, the probability of humans existing in the centuries to come is at risk. We cannot throw the blame on Earth or its other living animals because it isn’t their fault, it’s ours. What would take place in space colonization? The exact same events would happen: pollution, global warming, and wasted resources. If we keep moving similar to this, we would destroy all possible living areas available in the unknown world outside. Is this what you want? Money is an important factor in everyday life nowadays, and if this expedition to colonize space was made, billions of dollars would be needed. The question is, if we do choose to make this daring trip, will the money be worth it? Will the trip even make it? Many think that we should colonize space, saying that resources are decreasing and the only solution to that is moving into space. But why are we even thinking that? The spread of global warming, limited resources, heavier pollution and rising population, are all causes to why we are even thinking about settling in space. Who is the cause of that? Humans, otherwise known as us, who have damaged their homing planet more than any creature has ever done in history, are the cause of it

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