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7.Look at the picture and complete the given text. While reading interline appropriate words and write down them  according to the style.
Dressed with classic elegance, Julia and Henrietta introduce this winter’s look. On the right, Julia is wearing a long, brown, tailored 1_________ with wide, dark brown velvet lapels and narrow velvet cuffs. Under this she is wearing a brown, button-down 2 _____________ with a narrow collar, a waistcoat and a matching brown  3___________ with a slit in the front. She has brown tights on her legs and brown leather low-heeled ankle 4___________  on her feet. She is also wearing dark brown leather gloves and a dark brown wide-brimmed hat. Henrietta is wearing a fitted jacket fastened with gold 5____________.She is also wearing brown trousers. She is holding a loose-fitting overcoat with a wide velvet collar.
Vocabulary: casual, loose-fitting, slip-on, short-sleeved, low-heeled, jacket, cuffs, blouse, collar, skirt, tights, boots, gloves, hat, button.
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1. jacket

2. blouse

3. skirt

4. boots

5. button

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