Task 1 . Reading Read the text and write True (T) or False (F) next to the sentences.
Hi Ellie,
How are you? Are you having a nice holiday? I’m having a great time in Spain! It’s great weather here! It’s very hot and sunny. My family and I go to the beach every day. The beach is a lot of fun because you can do lots of water sports here. I’m going to water ski this afternoon. The food here is great. We’re going to eat in a seafood restaurant tonight. I love seafood. I want to try octopus! We’re going to visit a museum tomorrow morning. It is about the history of Spain. Then later we’re going to go shopping in the town. We want to buy some presents. I want to get you a present from Spain. We are going to fly home next week. I want to show you all my photos!
See you soon. Best wishes, Lisa
Write True or False.
1. Lisa is in Australia. __________________ [1]
2. Lisa is going to water ski this afternoon. __________________ [1]
3. Lisa’s family is going to eat seafood tonight. __________________ [1]
4. Lisa doesn’t like seafood. __________________ [1]
5. Lisa is going to buy Ellie a present. __________________ [1]
6. Lisa is going to visit a museum. __________________ [1]
7. Lisa is going to fly home tomorrow. __________________ [1]
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1) F она в Испании.

2) T

3) T

4) F в тексте четко написано: I love seafood)

5) T

6) T

7) F в тексте написано что полетят на следующей неделе.

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