Task1. Read the text again and for questions 1-8, decide if each sentence is T (true) or F (false). 1. Yenlik believes that culture shock is normal for people who travel to anotiher country....2. Yenlik claims that Nur-Sultan and Edinburgh are not that different.... 3. At first, she was surprised by one local characteristic.... 4 .She felt that everyone there spoke in a similar way.... 5. Yenlik thought that people in Edinburgh lived life at a slower pace....6. After a few months, Yenlik realised that she had integrated into society quite quickly.... 7. From time to time, Yenlik still has issues finding her way around the city .... 8 .She thinks she will need to readjust to life in Kazakhstan ....​ срочна керек болып тұр жазып жеберіндерші пжжжжжжжжжжж
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1. True

2. False

3. False

4. False

5. True

6. False

7. True

8. True

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