Task 3. Write a short essay about the city you live in. You may use questions below.

Paragraph 1: Location … is a town / city in
Paragraph 2: Good things … is a great place. I like it because
Paragraph 3: Transport and other places ... is about … kilometres from

1. Tell something interesting about the history of your city.
2. Name some popular historical places in your city.
3. Name some places for entertainment.
4. Name some places for study.
5. Why do you like the town /city?
6. What is your favorite place to visit?

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I live in Nur-Sultan. It has a lot of attractions. And it also has a lot of entertainment centres. Over time, Nur-Sultan has improved. There were built a lot of important buildings for pеople. Many schools, shops, theatres appeared in my hometown. Over time, рeople planted many trees, flowers and bushes in the city. Nur-Sultan has become very beautiful. Iwas born in this city, and I live in it. Nur-Sultan is the best city for me.In my neighborhood, there are many large houses and several apartment buildings. The streets are very clean, there are few cars. My school is near my home. I can get there in 10 minutes. There is also a park that has a small playground for children and a large field. I like to play football there with my friends after school. All houses have a flower garden, and in spring it is very beautiful. My road is called Maple Road. There are no cafes, supermarkets or cinemas on my road. But if you go to Main Street, you can find plenty to do. My favorite store is there. It's called the Knick-Knack and they sell everything you can imagine. I like my area because it is very quiet and peaceful. My friends live next to me, and we often meet to play or just talk. I think I'm lucky to live next door.

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