1)___you___ a picnic next Tuesday? (to have)
2) They___ to the bus stop this afternoon. (to walk)
3) Jane____to the office next Friday. (not/to go)
4) His brother____a letter to his uncle today. (to write)
5)I____my homework after school, (not/to do)
6) Sophie and Nick ____their friends after English club. (to meet)
7)I___your friend____his holidays in Wales? (spend)
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1.Will you have a picnic next Tuesday?
2.They will walk to the bus stop this afternoon
3. Jane won’t go to the office next Friday
4. His brother will write a letter to his uncle today.
5. I won’t do my homework after school
6.Sophie and Nick will meet their friends after English club
7.Will your friends spend his holidays in Wales?

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