Reading Read this article on the London 2012 Olympics. The 2012 Summer Olympics took place 1 London and the south of England from 27 July until 12 August. Before 2 started, most people 3 think that the Games would be very good. People also weren\'t happy that the Games were so expensive. But after they finished, everyone that 4 they were fantastic! sport said that Over 10,000 athletes came to London from all over the world, and there were more 5 7 million tickets to see the different sports: tennis, judo, swimming, cycling, football, windsurfing and many more. There really was 6 sport for everyone! Complete the text. Помогитеее пж
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Acceptance of applications from candidate cities was completed on July 15, 2003. By this time, 9 cities expressed their desire to host the Games: Havana, Istanbul, Leipzig, London, Madrid, Moscow, New York, Paris and Rio de Janeiro.Unprecedented measures have been taken to ensure the safety of the Olympic Games. A total of 40 thousand people were involved, including 14 thousand police officers and 17 thousand military personnel. The British government used military equipment for security purposes, including the Rapier anti-aircraft missile systems. The 2012 Olympics security budget was around £ 585 million.The diameter of one medal was about 85 millimeters and 7 millimeters thick, the weight of one award was 375-400 grams. These are the largest medals in the history of the Games, Sky Sports reports. In total, about 2,100 medals were issued for the Olympics.

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