помогите пожалуйста 50 баллов​

Я бы помог, даже половину уже сделал, но не могу ответить из-за отсутствия кнопки ответить...

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vmilgunova 3 года назад
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There is a happy family in the picture A. They are smiling. The girl’s holding a beautiful ball. They’re going to go somewhere on holiday. I consider, the weather is sunny and warm, because parents, their son and daughter are wearing T-Shirts. I like this picture, because it’s bright.

P.s. Надеюсь, хоть немного помогла. Можно пж «Лучший ответ» или «Спасибо» за старания)

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starnadeika 3 года назад
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I choose a picture A. In this picture you can see a man, a women and two children. I think they are famili. Probably, they arrived to hotel, because they are standing near their car and taking off their luggage from it. They going to go to the beach.

The weather on the picture is beautiful, and very warm, and the sun is shining. The people are happy, all of them are laughing.

The peole are wearing summer clothes: shirt, shorts, T-shirt, dress, white jeans and fins.

I like this picture, because it reminds me our famili weekends and trips.

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