2.​Rewrite the sentences into reported speech.
6 ​“Don’t be late for work tomorrow,” the boss said to Jim.
7 ​“I’m looking for a new job,” Sanzhar said.
8 ​“I was working on my project last night,” Anna said.
9 ​“What time does the meeting start?” Aidar asked.
10 ​“Go and see the manager now,” Berik said to Timur.
11 ​“I’ll help you write your CV later,” Ulan said to Kairat.
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6) the boss asked Jim not to be late the next day

7) Sanzhar said he was looking for a new job

8) Anna said she’d been working on her project the previous night

9) Aidar asked what the time did the meeting start

10) Berik asked Timur to go and see the manager then

11) Ulan said to Kairat he’d help him to write his CV later

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