Combine two sentences into one using conjunctions BECAUSE

Model: He had an accident.
He drove too fast. He had an accident because he was driving too fast.

1. The doorbell rang. He left the house. 2. He went out. I came in. 3. He got wét. It rained. 4. It started to rain. I got out of the car. 5. He didn\'t see the bus. He looked at the map. 6. John called. I went to bed. 7. didn\'t hear you. I listened to the radio.
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  1. He left the house because the doorbell was ringing.
  2. He went out because I came in.
  3. He got wet because it was raining.
  4. I got out of the car because it started to rain.
  5. He didn't see the bus because he was looking at the map.
  6. I went to bed because John called.
  7. I didn't hear you because I was listening to the radio.

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