Task 2. Writing
Look at the pictures and write is it healthy or unhealthy habits. Write Why it\'s healthy unhealthy?
You can use following phrases:
to take in more vitamins and minerals keeps you feeling full and energized:
protects us trom strokes and heart diseases, tlue and obesity:
to keep our body fit:
avoid getting nervous or worried tor no reason:
to make healthier decisions,
shortens our life:
serious illnesses and even death from lung cancer or liver diseases:
helps control weight, maintain healthy bones, muscles;​
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Ответ:If you do not lead a healthy lifestyle, in terms of smoking, we shorten our lives. But if we take vitamins and exercise, we can extend our lives.

Smoking and drinking is bad for our nervous system. Sports protect us from strokes, but not in all cases. If you start smoking, then beware of serious illnesses, serious illnesses, and even death from lung cancer or liver disease. Sports help to control weight, maintain healthy bones, muscles


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