Read the text above. Try to give Andrea some pieces of advice and help her with her problem.

Use the instruction.
1. Write at least 7 -10 sentences;
2. Writes with grammar accuracy (allowed to make 2 errors);
3. Spells the words correctly (allowed to make 2 errors);
4. Writes in a logical way answering all the questions.
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Ответ:Hello Andrea, how are you? In my opinion you can go to party, if you help you mum. I advice you to do some house work and then ask your mom again. if she wouldn’t say yes show her your good marks at school. I hope they'll let you go to the party. Have a nice party if allowed. If not allowed, be a little polite and kind

Okay bye!

I hope I helped you

Объяснение:Надеюсь тебе помогла☺️

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