1 Complete the table with the words in blue.
Then answer the questions with a partner.
Types of school
Other collocations
mixed schools
school-leaving age
1 Which are better: mixed schools or single-
sex schools, state schools or private schools?
2 What\'s the best school-leaving age? Why?
3 Are school uniforms and school rules a good
4 Are school holidays too long or too short?
5 Which are the most useful school subjects?
6 Should primary schools and secondary
schools be combined?
7 Why are boarding schools necessary?
8 What is the school-leaving age and what
school-leaving exams do students take?
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Ответ:Types of school: mixed school, Single sex schools, State schools, Private schools, Primary school, Secondary school, Boarding school

Other collocations: School-leaving age, school uniforms, school rules, school holidays, school subjects, school-leaving exams

1.mixed school,private school,state school

2.sexteen years old or seventeen yeats old,sinse basically 80% of the percentage of children go to grade 1 at 17,18

And I think the best age to graduate from school is 17,18

3.school rules

4.short holidays

5.all school subject are useful in their own way)

6.i do not know

7.they are created for the purpose of raising children

8.16 -17or 18 ,dont about exams

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