Summative assessment for the unit SPORT

I task Reading Read the text and write true or false.

My name is Jordon and I am 12 years old. I\'m very fond of sports. My favorite sport is basketball. I play basketball at school, at home, at park, everywhere! I have been playing basketball since I was eight and have always wanted to be a professional basketball player. I am a big fan of Shaquille O\'Neal, in fact, he is my favorite player. I am in the school team and we train three days a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We have matches every Sunday. From time to time, we have tournaments with other schools and

it is quite exciting.

In my free time I like reading and playing computer games. I dream of one day having a successful career as a professional basketball player!

1. Jordan doesn\'t like sports.

2. He is twelve years old.

3. His favorite sport is handball.

4. Jordan\'s favorite basketball player isn\'t Shaquille O\'Neal.

5. He plays at weekends. 6. Jordan likes reading

7. His dream is becoming a singer.

8. They have tournaments with other teams.

II task. Writing

Write about your favorite sport:

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1 False

2 True

3 False

4 False


6 true

7 False


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