Writing. Write about sport. The following
questions will help you in writing.
1. What kind of sport do your family
members like?
2. What is your favourite one?
3. Do you play sport? What sport do you
play? Why?
4. Do you prefer playing sport or
watching it? Why?
5. What is the most popular sport in your
country? Do yo like it?
6. What are the advantages of playing
sport? пж сор подписиваюсь пж англ яз ​
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kuralajrapilbek 3 года назад
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1.Yeah , my family members are so much like sport and often we are inviting with them

2.My favourite thats a running because i like to running at the 6 or 7 am

3.i like volleyball , because thats game + sport


5.in our country the most popular it's volleyball , because we are playing more this game

6.i dont know


dont worry 100% procecc all right

100% все правльно

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