Writing task 2. put the verbs in brackets the gaps. form a conditional sentence - type 1. only use the will- future in the main clauses. 1. if he (to have) a temperature, he (to see) the doctor. 2. i (to be) very happy if my friends (to come). 3. what you (to do) if you (to feel) unwell tomorrow morning? 4. we (to visit) the museums if we (to travel) to london. 5. ifyou (to eat) greasy food, you (to become) fat. they (not know) the truth ifyou (not tell) them. if the sun (to shine), we (to walk) into town. if i (to tell) you a secret, you (to promise) not to tell anybody? дайте ответ прашуу ​


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прошу людя добрые

можете не писать уже поздно

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Ответ :

1.if he will have ..

2.i will be ..

3. what you will do ..

4.we will visit ..

5.if you will eat.. , you will become .., they wont know ... , if you wont tell ....If the sun will shine , we will walk .., if i will tell .., you will promise .......


100% все правильно✅

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