Writing Task 2 Give short answers to the questions. Don’t repeat the ideas. (Дайте краткие ответы на вопросы. Идеи не должны повторяться во всех пяти предложениях) 1. Who is she? 2. Why is she so happy? 3. When did she learn about it? 4. What is she doing now? 5. Where is she going? Task 3 Use your short answers as a plan to write a text. Use connectors (conjunctions - союзы) and, or, but, because, so to link words and phrases. (Используйте свои короткие ответы как план для написания текста. Используйте соединители (союзы) and, or, but, because, so чтобы связывать слова и фразы.)
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1.She is rich and beautiful woman named Millena (можете придумать любое имя или просто написать (She)    ).

2. Milena (She) is happy Because  she won a lot of money .

3. Milena (She) learn about it when she was young, but she still continues to study it.

4.Now Milena (she) is dressing up so she can go somewhere .

5.Millena (She) want to go to the cinema , because there is an interesting film going on there now .


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