Answer the questions in written form. 1. Do you ever go on diets? Do you think diets work? Is dieting dangerous, in your opinion? 2. Have you ever tried foreign foods? Describe your experience. 3. What is your opinion about eating out? 4. What food do you prefer most: homemade or take-away? 5. Do you like Fast food restaurant? What is you favourite meal?
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yasashii 3 года назад
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1) As a person who has always been overweight I know absolutely everything about diets. But my experience with dieting was really bad. I was afraid of food and calories. I considered healthy food only the one that is not high in calories. In fact, it isn’t so. Now I believe that you don’t need to limit yourself. You need to make friends with your body and brain.

2) I haven’t tried foreign food abroad, but I really love cooking something new at home. Every weekend my family and I bake different desserts. The last sweetness we made was a chocolate fondant. It’s popular french dessert dish, chocolate biscuit muffin.
It was very sweet and delicious

3) I like to eat in restaurants and cafes. It's cool to try food that you can't cook at home.
So I have nothing against eating out.

4) I prefer enjoying my meal at home with close people. I love heart-to-heart conversations and a calm atmosphere more than noisy restaurants. Of course I sometimes eat take away but home-made culinary masterpieces bribe me more.

5) Fast food is cheap, delicious and convenient. That's why many people like it, including me. The only negative is that it is high in calories, so I don’t eat it often. My favorite fast food meal is fried chicken strips.

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